Good Intentions

Knowing the phrase ‘good intentions never go to waste’ reminds me that I really should have started this blog back in December.  I meant to, but I got caught up in the day job.  I have been reading about MOOCs since then and have been involved in them at work, so in my head I have been writing all about them.  I know this doesn’t count, but it helps me.

When I started to look in earnest at the research on MOOCs I could only find a few published papers and not a lot else.  There were a few blogs, but nothing in published journals (not the I had access to anyway).  Since the Open University MOOC (OLDS) I have noticed a sudden swelling of blogs, news articles and general postings about MOOCs.  Lots of it is like my blog, just general chatter, but there are some papers appearing now, or articles that have some interesting and useful commentary. In particular, I like Fred Martin’s article about the Stanford MOOC and how he used it with his students.

The other obvious good read (and published paper) is ‘Making Sense of MOOCs…’ Sir John Daniels (ex Open University VC).


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