The Wall and other methods of communication

I’ve prepared the questionnaire and am now raring to go.  Although this may be troublesome as I have changed my original intention.  Originally, I wanted to talk to any academic or student who have ‘done  MOOC’.  But therein lies the problem.  All a bit to vague, and there are thousands of people to whom that would apply, which really isn’t very useful.  So, I’ve narrowed it down.  I realised that I was more interested in how MOOCs are changing or have the potential to change how higher education is taught.  Fred Martin’s article about how he used the Stanford AI course with his own class was the inspiration, and I am sure there others who have done similar things.  I’m interested to see if others have become more adventurous in their teaching, trying out different tools that they may not have done before they’d see them applied within the MOOCs.

So, how do I find these teachers (and students).  I have looked at and found the regular MOOCs.  I was hoping to contact these academics and see if they have also used the materials in the MOOCs for their own classes, or if they knew of anyone I could contact using their MOOCs.  I’ll also be checking in with my social media networks to see if I can find anyone willing to spare a few moments talking about their experiences.

I’ve also created a Wall.  Anyone can post onto my wall with a note about who they are and what they’ve done.  Have to wait and see how that works out!

View the Wall at

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