Video Analysis

I’ve started to look at the content – my research will be creating case studies and I have found a wonderful set of videos.  I have contacted the academics involved and they are keen so that is great.  Having spent the last couple of weeks transcribing about three hours of interviews, discussion and presentations, I’m now trying to look for themes.  I’m doing that bit the old fashioned way. The only reason I have for doing it that way is because I am trying to focus my mind. I will end of doing more analysis using my iPad, using iAnnotate to highlight text and find the themes but to get me started I am trialling good old fashioned print.  It’s been a couple of months since I have printed anything and it was quite alien trying to get the content in a format to print.  I realised I haven’t used Word for a long time either!  (prefer Google Docs).  I have 14 pages to review.  I started this about 2 hours ago, and have only done the first page.  Typically, I got distracted by using the web to look for the video to check I had the correct names, which led me to try out Tagxedo.  Don’t ask me why this would be a natural progression, but it thats just what happened.  I wanted to create a Wordle but then thought I’d try something different. I like this tool and so performed a content analysis on the first talk by Jeff Himpele from Princeton University.

If you can’t see the image via the first talk link, this is it in its static form Flipped classroom content analysis

Throughout the whole of my MSc we have been encouraged to think differently and use non-traditional tools to create and share.  So this fits in with that kind of philosophy.  I am keen to try out the others and then run through and see if I can get anything useful from it, rather than the obvious.  The obvious being that they are all going to have ‘flipping’ and ‘student’ (although not flippin’ students which could have been rather awkward).

I have a deadline of July 3rd which is a week today and I will be creating four case studies at least. Just as long as I can fight the distractions I should be fine.  I don’t know what it is because I am really interested in what they have to say.  I’ll be Tweeting this, then I’ll create more Tagxedo’s.

Have a look at Tagxedo, they have a really cool gallery.   I wonder what this blog would look like in the style of Abraham Lincoln…? <end distraction>

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