Association of Learning and Teaching SIG MOOCs

I am rather excited, as I am one of the officers for the new ALT SIG on MOOCs. Mira Vogel and Steven Ryan are the other Officers.  We have set up the Twitter account, @altsigmooc and the MOOC squad wordpress site has been created but nothing on there as yet.  We are in process of readying ourselves for the launch in September at the ALTc  where Stephen Downes will be the keynote, along with Dame Wendy Hall from right here at University of Southampton.  I’m interested to hear what Stephen Downes thinks about the xMOOC chatter as opposed to the cMOOC chatter that started it all.

So next steps are sorting out what we will be launching with in September.  There is an opportunity now to get involved with the ALT SIG – this was tweeted by ALT last week there is a sign up link at the bottom of the page.

All very exciting and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into yet another new project 🙂 #whoknew

photo credit: cogdogblog via photopin cc

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