Global Dialogues and MOOCs

I am absolutely thrilled to be going to Beijing next week. I have been invited to go with four others from the UK to talk at a conference about Digital Technology and the impact on Higher Education. We have got the complete itinerary through today and this event looks like it’s going to be a really amazing experience. This event is organised by the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy and the China National Academy of Education and Administration. I’m talking about the impact that digital technology has had on internationalisation and then the next day we will be going to Tsinghua University for a round table discussion on MOOCs and E-Learning. Tsinghua University has just joined with EDx and our round table discussion will be with the MSc students as well which is great. It’s all very exciting. I’ve joined Weibo and have had Chinese students here chatting to me about how they use social media. So very exciting when I get back I’ve decided to hold a multicultural social media event. I’ve spoken to students and they are also very excited about it, I’m even happy for them to run the event in their own languages, including using Uni alumni (ex Digichamps) via a Google hangout. Anyway, more about that when that happens, probably the end of November.

I must go and plan my trip (logistics) yay. More when I can – I hope to blog while I am away.

These are the links I have been sent about it:

Tsinghua joins EDx
Global Dialogues

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