Beijing arrival

I’m in the Landmark Hotel in Beijing. The flight was very nice, lots of leg room and no-one sat next to me. I took the Air China flight because it was the cheapest direct flight which turned out to be very nice. My room is nice, I’m on the 15th floor overlooking what looks to me like Central Park with skyscrapers all around it. There is a river of cars constantly moving along the road, horns blasting and a few sirens. Yes, could be New York. Actually when I came out of the airport, I thought it was remarkably like Los Angeles airport, billboards along the freeway (although obviously in Chinese). One thing that wasn’t like America was the immigration. I completed an arrivals form, then got asked to go to any line (they originally said Foreigners and Chinese nationals) then they didn’t ask me anything, just looked at my passport, took part of the arrivals card and then off I went to get my luggage (via a tram). All very efficient and very clean.

I had a note when I got here from Stephen Gomez to say that he has booked a trip to see the Great Wall tomorrow and would I like to join him. Reminded me of Agatha Christie 🙂 anyway, after some slight communications difficulty I am also booked tomorrow for the Great Wall although I’m a little worried because we should be picked up tomorrow at 4pm and I think she said that we get back at 6pm. We also have to leave at 8am. Stephen just called me to say that he was going to email out hosts to let them know. I hope it’s alright.

I’m meeting Stephen at 5.15pm on the 3rd Floor, which is where there is internet access apparently. I’m glad he told me that because I was getting worried. I saw you could connect via a cable at some pay as you go ( per 10 mins) but that’s a bit useless for my iPad, phone and I don’t know if I’ve got the right port on my mac (haven’t looked) but never mind. I can access the web on the 3rd floor so that should be fine. I think we are off tomorrow to the conference centre then after that back here to the Landmark.


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