#altmoocsig MOOCs – Which way now?

Just come back from the ALT MOOC SIG event of the year – a collaboration between UCL and ALT held in UCL.  Mira Vogel (UCL) did most of the organisation and made an excellent job of it. We had a huge range of speakers and participants came from far and wide, and really got involved.  I chaired three sessions and for every one I had a question ready ‘just in case’ but we didn’t need them, and even had to defer people to talk over lunch.  It was a huge success and everyone had a really nice time.

Sessions were an interesting mix – planning, running and learning in Moocs with some sessions releating to Openness and Ethics.

We even had the opportunity to express our thoughts around the promises that we have made around MOOCs (which was great fun and I got to draw, along with a lot of artistic direction from the ‘A’ Team :-)).  A series of sessions I couldn’t go to in the pm were around metrics, and there was even a session from Stanford via a Google Hangout.

For a great summary of the day, take a look at this from Martin McGuire which captures the great variety of the day.

The end of the day was spent walking around London with Alex Griffin who used Geocaching to take us on a brilliant tour of London. I had to bail out at Tottenham Court Road but I managed to get to the British Museum and Google Headquarters first.  It was really interesting and a great use of technology.

We are looking forward to arranging a range of webinars over the coming year and meeting many more members of the ALT MOOC SIG at ALTc in September.

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