From Curriculum Innovation to Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Every week I think I can’t get any busier than I am but then I surprise myself and this week has been no exception!

It started with Curriculum Innovation and I met up with some people interested in running webinars with their students. New iChamps collaborations, both medicine and music this week, then I visited went to London, visited Queen Mary’s Uni with my daughter. She has applied and we went on a visit day. Queen Mary’s History department was our focus and she really liked it. I was interested in hearing about the opportunities they offered their students and I always like to hear from the students about their experiences.

I also met with the Association for Learning Technology Board of Trustees at the London Knowledge Lab. That was great as they are a great bunch and there was lots of interesting things to talk about, including the Winter Conferencein Scotland and other things ALT offers like CMALT. We were issued with new info packs which look very nice. Looking forward to the next conference in Manchester (Sept 2015), I was there last week.

In between all of this I’m trying to identify a uni supported tool to run webinars – and meetings. I don’t think we have one I can use with iPads though, so will probably end up running Hangouts (I discovered our version of Adobe Connect doesn’t support iPads).

Yesterday, I spent part of the morning discussing new mooc ideas with Futurelearn, lots of exciting opportunities to be had there. Then off introduce the Institute for Learning Innovation and Development (ILIaD) seminar with Judith Lock (Biological Sciences) and had a lovely chat with one of her students, James Thomas and Judith. I mentioned the MOOC discussions and I think that may have sparked something with them and I need to arrange a meeting with the relevant MOOC people.

Later on I met with the Chair of Governors for Itchen College, where I’m a Parent Governor.

I got a Digital Badge for contributing to the the Badge Alliance and told me I was a rockstar in curation 🙂

Next week we have Southampton Opportunity showcase, and Thursday and Friday I’m in Birmingham for the Centre for Recording Acheivement annual residential where I’ll be running a workshop called ‘building badges’. A hands on, non techy walk through for the content side of using open badges.

I also had confirmation that I’m going to Tunisia to talk about innovative CPD through student engagement.

Oh, and I also managed to discover and create wonderful peanut butter brownies.

Just call me Wonder Woman 😄

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