Up Persicope – Adventures in Wonderland

On Wednesday I decided to try out Periscope, the live streaming app that allows you to take your phone and turn it into a live broadcast.  Have a look at their website – “see the world through someone else’s eyes” that’s pretty powerful stuff.

Although I’d had it on my phone I’d never actually felt the need to share anything live with the world.  I thought I have nothing to say, but then that was me thinking like an old fashioned regular person.  Then Stephan Caspar (our Media guru at University of Southampton) inspired me with his enthusiasm for it. He warned me it was ridiculous. He told me, “anyone can comment, they say the weirdest things”.  So I thought I’d give it a go. Stephan records walking to work. Yes, really, like the early days of Twitter, when people tweeted about washing their hair and drinking coffee, he records walking into work.  But it’s actually not really about that.  It’s about interacting with people.  It’s actually great fun, I recorded a few on Wednesday during our conference, but I’d not given it much thought. What I should have done is planned it out and live streamed one of the sessions, but that will come.  The first part of all of these innovations is playing.  I’m in the playing stage and I think it will be successful.  After all, I understand that the tool itself is only as good as the person using it.

So things move fast in my world and the lovely people at Persicope put me in touch with another creative genius on the other side of the world called Clare Edwards (@ClareEdwards76) she wanted to hook up with educators to try out Periscope. So I’ve got in touch and I think we can bring the Champions together to see how we can broaden the reach of this into education (my wonderland).

Watch this space, Stephan and I will talk about it for a podcast and I’m planning to write up what we do.  There must be something here about student engagement, maybe even more reflection, you never know.

I’m off down the rabbit hole.

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