I am an Education Developer at the University of Southampton.   I work across the University supporting and encouraging the enhancement of education through the use of technology.  I am not a 'learning technologist' but I am able to talk the talk when I need to.  This means that I can be the 'translator' between worlds.   I used to teach web design, and IT related courses at Highbury College, which is where I did most of my teaching.  So having an education background, coupled with technical knowledge makes my life a lot easier!  I'm a bit enthusiastic about using technology to collaborate, actual, anything that is fun immediately grabs my attention and inspires me to find a way to use it for education.

I am responsible for developing the Digital Literacies strand of work .  I have set up networks across the University (I really think people should talk more).  Networks I have created include the iPad (& other devices) Coffee Club (now at all campuses).  There is a very popular learningandteaching-info mailing list.  This is how I share what is happening (along with social media).

I also created and co-ordinate  the Innovation and Digital Literacies Student Champions.  This is a network of students who work across the University helping us to support the digital literacies initiatives across the campuses.

I set up and Chaired the Digital Literacies Working Group which had membership from across the University of staff and students.  I see Digital Literacies as being fundamental to everything I do, developing these skills has become a mission.

I started this blog to focus my attention on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  I am completed my MSc Digital Education with Edinburgh University and so this blog has become my musings over all things digital for education. I am also involved in a lot of exciting (and cool) intiatives at the University and because of the networks I am in, I will try and share some of the ideas and fun stuff here.

update:  I am now the President of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). I am in the third year of this role,   Vice Chair and Chair between 2014-16.  It is a great opportunity to gain insights into technology enhanced education across the sectors and to engage with my peers across many other institutions (both in the UK and Internationally).

I am digitally distinct! Visit onlineIDCalculator.com

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