I am the Faculty Learning Technology Lead for the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences at UCL.

I started this blog to focus my attention on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  I have completed my MSc Digital Education with Edinburgh University (yay)  and so this blog has become my musings over all things digital for education.  At the time of writing this I was very keen to keep my interests and thoughts about all things digital education going through this blog but the inevitable happened and I have not be as prolific as I thought.  I also started a PhD with Lancaster University (e-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning) way back in 2016 and through a range of set backs, new jobs and family circumstances I am still going with it.  I paused it for a while and restarted it in September 2020 and now am full steam ahead.

My PhD research is looking at the digital experiences of commuter students and I because I am particularly interested in social justice and equality I am focussing on the digital access aspects of their experiences. I expect this blog may contain some of my musings in this area but I also will be writing about other interests in digital education. All the views I have are not to be confused with anyone else’s. Think of this blog as points for discussion, nothing is final.

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