Using iPads wirelessly with university projectors

For three years, I have continually asked how we can do this and thanks to the latest update from Apple, we can now use iPads wirelessly with projectors.   Two directors of our IT department and senior leadership have confirmed this to be working well.

Instructions (with thanks to Professor Simon Cox who has tried this out successfully within his lectures)

Both the iPad and the AppleTV need to be on the latest version of the OS (8 for the iPad and it needs to be the most recent hardware of the AppleTV A1469 to work)

See e.g.

This link has further help:

Toggling the Bluetooth on can also help with the peer to peer iPad to AppleTV as per the link above.

Problems we have heard of have been older generation iPads.  Probably works on an iPhone too if you have the latest one.

Techys, Librarians and #PedagooLondon

I have a particularly interesting week coming up for which I have been preparing all weekend.  It’s a strange week because on Wednesday I have been invited up to Reading to visit the Microsoft HQ for an ‘Immersion event’ sounds a bit like a religious experience but I have been informed that they have some cool and interesting ideas about education that I should know about. Our IT department have organised it and colleagues from around the university will be attending. So I will go and share what I find out, unless I’m sworn r

On Thursday and Friday I am talking with my colleague Jane Stephenson at the SCONUL annual conference on blended learning, really from an ALT perspective and also linked nicely to how our Library has been engaging with blended learning to support student academic skills.

What a difference a web makes

On Saturday I have the pleasure of working with Rachel Jones (Change the Lightbulbs etc) at the #PedagooLondon2015 event. We are both passionate about educational tech and we have 50 minutes to get all talk about all of our most interesting and favourite apps and websites for education. That will be fun, we have 50 in 50 minutes so its a no holds barred whirlwind of techy innovation.  I even got distracted looking through our own list so I have no idea how our colleagues will survive the onslaught.

It will be an interesting week of different approaches to presenting educational technology and innovation.  On top of this we have 7 interns and 2 new iChamps starting for summer internships all of them working on digital skills aspects of cross university life and discipline specific education.

So much to do and so little time…